This beautiful dam is Cali from fellow breeder and friend Kerry with Hue's of Blues. To say I am so greatful to be allowed to add this rare mahagony blue girl to my family is beyond an understatement. Her quality is exceptional and her color and temperament are equally amazing!! Her coat is so unique and almost changes color in different lighting. She looks as if she was dusted w blue over her entire coat and her whole face is blue w light milky brown eyes. You cant help but fall in love and ohhhh and ahhhhh over her. She throws such stellar puppies I couldnt be happier.

This is my sweet little cream female, Nina. Her dad is Champion Daystar's Harddrive and her pedigree is saturated with champions! She is very cobby, has the perfect form and is super compact weighing only 17 lbs. Her personality and disposition is very laid back and sweet natured. She has stunning pups and will be having her last litter this yr and will then be retired. Her puppies sell before they are even born so if you would like one from her last litter get on that wait list!

Lyla is a wonderful European import. She will be retiring this year and I have her and romeo's daughter to take her place. Her lines are full of champions as you can view in her export pedigree (Please note that championship status on FCI does not transfer to AKC pedigree because they are not American won championships. This does NOT discredit their championship bloodline) She has the absolute perfect Frenchie tempermant of playful, quzzical, and calm natured. She has a wonderful stance and muscular build. Lyla throws stocky, muscular and amazingly gorgeous babies!

DBG’s Romeo at 5 star Frenchies is a handsome reverse red brindle (tiger brindle) piebald. His confirmation is spot on with a nice body and an exceptional square head. Romeo has the ideal comical temperament of the breed and is such a clown bringing constant smiles and giggles from anyone he is near.  He is a proven stud and is available for stud service now.

Macho is our new chocolate brindle pied stud with gorgeous green eyes. Thank you to Dani at Fallbrook Bullys for allowing me to add a new son to our family. This little guy has big bone structure, beautiful coloring and a nice short back. He is now a proven stud and available for stud services. This boy has cleaned up my lines so nicely w what he has added to ea female he has been mated too. Love this boy comical love bug w a macho attitude lol